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Arctic Friends: Short Collection 4

    Giuseppe Squillaci
    Arctic Friends: Short Collection 4Arctic Friends: Short Collection 4


    Enjoy this extraordinary collection of animated short films featuring the lovable characters from Arctic Friends. The Shorts Collection 4 includes 4 amazing episodes: Final Delivery, A quiet day of fishing, Ring of Fire and Kung Fu Fox. Final delivery: it's an ordinary workday in taigasville: swifty starts his delivery route, but otto's puffins try everything they can to get in his way and steal the last package. A quiet day of fishing: while pb tries to fish in the frozen lake, swifty and jade have fun skating, disturbing his peace. What if Otto and the Puffins got involved? Ring of fire: the puffins steal anuk's package. The shaman sends Swifty back in time through a ring of fire. Will he manage to retrieve the package and deliver it to Anuk? Kung fu fox: fed up with the puffins and their misdeeds, swifty decides to take kung fu lessons from the mysterious and relentless goat lee, to learn self-defense.


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