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#AnneFrank Parallel Stories#AnneFrank Parallel Stories


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Everyone knows a bit about Anne Frank, but she is just one part of all that happened during the Holocaust. Knowing other stories and hearing testimonies from more women who also experienced World War II is even more fascinating. This is the proposal of '#AnneFrank Parallel Stories', a documentary that shows another point of view of those who went through this sad period. Actress Helen Mirren dives into Anne Frank's life through the pages of her diary and, in parallel, we follow the stories of other survivors. It is a necessary film for this and future generations to understand even better what this period was like. Although there are several other contents on the subject, '#AnneFrank Parallel Stories' manages to be even more personal and talk to the viewer. It is not an easy documentary to watch, they are touching testimonies, but necessary. The title brings a hashtag to get closer to the young audience, and the film manages to connect well with both adults and adolescents.



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It is based on five women who did survive the Holocaust but shared her same fate of "deportation, suffering and being denied their childhood and adolescence," according to promotional materials.

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