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The PlayersMovie on Netflix

A tale of infidelity and betrayal in love, featuring five stories with excessive yet sympathetic characters.


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A Italian remake of the French film with the same name, "Gli infedeli", follows five stories that share a common theme: infidelity. The characters are excessive and sympathetic at the same time, managing to be repulsive, comical, and depressing. The film has a very current and easily identifiable context - if you have ever gone through a situation of jealousy, where you doubt your partner, you will identify with one of the stories. "Gli infedeli" has good performances and interesting reflections on relationships, however it shows a very macho view of why men cheat. Even though it works in the plot, it is not the type of worldview that should continue to be repeated in popular culture.



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Plot summary

Five stories, five episodes and one big theme: betrayal in love. 'The Players' is a Italian remake of the French film of the same name

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