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Playing Dead


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The movie takes a meta-linguistic start - a movie about the making of a movie - to introduce Jean Renault, an actor who can no longer get big roles in TV and cinema. From there, it builds a surreal story, full of humor and mystery, with a good dash of Agatha Christie. Nearly complete entertainment.



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Jean, a 40-year-old unemployed actor, has hit rock bottom. Insufferably clueless and egotistical, his over-the-top “method” acting and high-maintenance personality have gotten him fired from countless jobs. At the unemployment office, his counselor has a rather odd proposal: he can get a job helping the police reconstruct crime scenes, by standing in for the dead victim. Jean's obsession for detail impresses the beautiful chief investigator, allowing him to take a leading role in a double-murder investigation at a ritzy ski resort.

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