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The Beginning of Life 2

The Beginning of Life 2: Outside

    Renata Terra
    The Beginning of Life 2: OutsideThe Beginning of Life 2: Outside


    Real connections between kids and natures can revolutionize our future. But is this process still possible in the great urban centers of the world? The newest chapter of “The Beginning of Life” reveals how this has been transforming.

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    Why watch this film?

    The unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic further accentuated the consequences of outdoor deprivation in the lives of children - whether physical or psychological - and showed us the urgency in reconstructing the imagery of what it means to live outside the walls in a way that is healthier and more integrated with the planet. With that, 'The Beginning of Life 2: Outside' proposes a reflection: “Which is the outside that we want to build?” To find out how to be part of this global movement of reconnecting thebeginningoflife2.com.

    Luana Lobo

    Luana Lobo

    Producer of 'The Beginning of Life' franchise

    Where to watch?

    Unavailable in theaters