No Gogó Do PaulinhoNo Gogó Do Paulinho
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No Gogó Do Paulinho

Paulinho Gogó shares hilarious stories on a park bench while waiting for Nega Juju.


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Interpreted and conceived by Maurício Manfrini, the character Paulinho Gogó became a sensation over time. From the radio, he went to television, consolidating himself as one of the most beloved figures of the comedy show A Praça é Nossa, from SBT. Now, finally, Paulinho Gogó has a movie of his own with 'No Gogó do Paulinho'. Directed by the duo Roberto Santucci and Paulo Cursino ('Até que a Sorte nos Separe', 'O Candidato Honesto'), the feature film has the arduous task of making the humor last throughout the entire duration of the film, while we are more used to seeing Gogó with quick lines with Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega. This "change of scenery" is felt in the movie, which ends up having less vitality as it drags along with some lines. However, the references to 'Forrest Gump', some good special appearances and one or two inspired moments help to alleviate the lack of rhythm of 'No Gogó do Paulinho'. There are still some exaggerations, typical of Santucci's cinema, which do not convince anyone. But the important thing is that deep down, very deep down, the essence of the character remains alive.



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Paulinho Gogó narrates his stories on a park bench for different listeners, while waiting for the arrival of his beloved Nega Juju.

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