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Paris Pigalle

Two cops go undercover in the 80's porn industry.


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After the tense and provocative 'Na Próxima, Acerto o Coração', French director Cédric Anger returns to script and direct a feature film with 'L'amour est une fête'. Here, the director, as the name suggests, moves away from crime and suspense to talk about romance and comedy, in equal measures, in the story of two policemen who must infiltrate the 1980s porn industry. With touches of 'Boogie Nights', the feature film does not shy away from bringing some witty observations about this market and, above all, about the particularities observed in the 1980s. Special mention for Guillaume Canet ('Amor ou Consequência') and Gilles Lellouche ('Um Banho de Vida'), the two protagonists who captivate in the conduct of the film.



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Two cops infiltrate the porn scene in the early 80's .

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