Just Another ChristmasJust Another Christmas
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Just Another ChristmasMovie on Netflix

A man stuck in a never-ending Christmas learns valuable lessons about life.


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"The first partnership between Leandro Hassum and Netflix, 'Everything's Alright for Christmas That Comes' is the typical movie of the Brazilian actor and comedian - especially in this batch of productions with Hassum and commanded by Roberto Santucci ('The Honest Candidate', 'Until Luck Separates Us', etc'). There are many absurd situations, some mismatched jokes and a lack of sensitivity in the dosage between comedy and drama, as recently happened with the remake 'No Returns Accepted'. However, the Christmas atmosphere and the plot clearly inspired by 'Spell of Time' and 'Click' bring a nice feeling of comfort. In addition, some improvisations and last-minute ideas from Leandro Hassum, such as a story involving the Christmas turkey, are hilarious. To have fun and pass the time on Christmas."



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Stuck in a time loop where it's forever Christmas, a family man who hates the holiday starts to learn valuable lessons about what's important in life.

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