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Kuang-Hui Liu
Your Name Engraved HereinYour Name Engraved Herein



In 1987, Taiwan is liberated from martial law. A-Han, a shy boy, meets a bohemian boy named Birdy. Enjoying their adventures together, they share many secrets and develop a relationship beyond friendship. Then the school starts recruiting girls. Birdy tries to distract himself by dating a girl, breaking A-Han's heart. However, A-Han cannot face how he feels about Birdy and often goes to the priest to confess his real feelings. As the relationship between the two young boys becomes more confusing and also due to the misunderstanding of Birdy's plan, they keep some distance from each other. After they graduate, they slowly drift apart - Thirty years later, when the trio meet again, how will they face each other with their complicated feelings?

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