Servants of WarServants of War
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Servants of War

Two cops uncover a web of corruption and organ trafficking while investigating a doctor's murder.


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Typical investigation thriller, 'Slugi wojny' is one of those movies that doesn't surprise in anything. Here, director Mariusz Gawrys bets on clichés and already beaten stories of the genre to accompany the investigation into the murder of an important doctor specializing in bone marrow transplants. With generic action scenes, the positive point of the feature film is the unfolding of the investigation, anchored in a well-crafted script, and unraveling a tangled case of corruption, human organ trafficking and DNA information sales - in the best style of medical thrillers.



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Plot summary

Two police officers investigate the murder of a respected doctor who specializes in bone marrow transplantation. They unintentionally unravel a tangled case of corruption, human organ trade, and DNA information sales.

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