Office Uprising

Lin Oeding
Office UprisingOffice Uprising


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Unexpected American comedy about zombies, 'Office Uprising' is reminiscent of the tone of 'Little Monsters' -- about a teacher who finds herself in a zombie apocalypse while on a school retreat with her students. In this Lin Oeding (‘Peril on Gorgon Mountain’) film, meanwhile, we follow a young man who finds himself in the middle of a zombie attack in his office. And the most unusual thing is what's causing his colleagues' metamorphosis: an energy drink. Despite the poverty of some effects and the limitation of the story, which falls into some already tiring genre clichés, the movie should please those who like zombie plots while also taking the opportunity to have a good laugh.



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When a slacker at a weapons manufacturing company finds his coworkers have turned into ravenous "zombies" after consuming a weaponized energy drink, he must rescue his true love before the office's psychotic army descends on them both.

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