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Animals escape from zoo to jungle, must adapt to new life.


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One of the main and most beloved animations from Dreamworks, 'Madagascar' is one of those movies that make anyone laugh - adults and children, without distinctions. In the story, we follow a group of animals (a zebra, a lion, a giraffe and a hippo, plus secondary characters) that escape from the zoo in search of freedom. The jokes are well placed and the characters evoke good feelings in anyone who is watching the movie. The script's idea of giving distinctive characteristics to the animals, such as the giraffe's hypochondria, is another hit that makes the audience easily identify with the animals. And the great highlights, of course, are the penguins and King Julien, with his catchy song that stays in your head even weeks later.



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A group of animals who have spent all their life in a New York zoo end up in the jungles of Madagascar, and must adjust to living in the wild.

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