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Daddy Day Care

Two dads start a daycare to save money and hilariously struggle with problem kids.


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Classic 'afternoon movie', the family comedy 'Daddy Day Care' has aged a bit poorly since its arrival on the big screen in 2003. After all, since then, parents have stopped being treated as the sole providers of a family and, above all, it is no longer welcome to represent that parents taking care of a family are an anomaly. That said, there is still room to have fun in this comedy starring Eddie Murphy, at the peak of his career after films like 'Dr. Dolittle' and 'Coming to America'. Embodying his funny faces and absurd situations, we see two fathers trying to deal with problem children, in an educational approach different from what we usually see in cinema. It has a light and funny character, typical movie to please from the youngest to the oldest. It's hard not to laugh at least once and cheer up, somehow, even the grayest days.



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Plot summary

When ad execs Charlie and Phil lose their jobs trying to sell a veggie-flavored breakfast cereal, their wives head off to work. But when they realize they can't afford to keep their kids at the fancy Chapman Academy run by the evil Miss Harridan, Charlie and Phil become the proprietors of Daddy Day Care.

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