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A Good Doctor

A tired doctor on Christmas Eve gets help from a pizza boy who steps in his shoes.


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Sympathetic French comedy that never overplays its hand, 'Docteur?' is one of those light and serene films that serve almost as a balm for those who want to spend time with good entertainment. Tristan Séguéla's feature film tells the story of an elderly and tired doctor (Michel Blanc) who, on Christmas Eve, ends up crossing his path with a food deliveryman (Hakim Jemili, very delicate in his performance). From there, we see this aspiring doctor approaching his dream profession as the official doctor can no longer attend to all his patients. Despite some ethical limits and social issues that are pertinent and not deeply explored, the film hits the right tone without offending anyone. It talks about the dream of a boy while another is just tired. Light, good for passing the time, sure entertainment. And you can still get some good laughs with absurd situations.



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Plot summary

On Christmas Eve, Serge is the only on-call emergency doctor available. Struck by a crippling back-ache, he gets help from a pizza delivery boy who will need to step in the doctor's shoes.

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