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A Bronx dropout and a young woman navigate their complicated lives and future together.


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It must be said, it's very difficult to find something new among stories of young love hindered by social and economic differences (the archetype of 'Romeo and Juliet' has been repeated from films like 'A Love Story' to 'Lady and the Tramp'). And being honest, 'Angelfish' doesn't bring much new to the table either, but what it does bring, it does well. In other words, for those who enjoy the catharsis of a good complicated romance story, this film is a good choice, which also stands out for the performance of Destiny Nicole Frasqueri, better known as rapper Princess Nokia, who in her cinematic debut manages to achieve something totally different from her image in the music world.



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Plot summary

Angelfish tells the story of Brendan, a high school drop out with a complicated family living in the Bronx who meets Eva, a young woman who’s on her own journey of self-discovery. The film follows the young couple’s relationship as they try to navigate their lives and future together.

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