The Black ForestThe Black Forest
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The Black Forest

A young woman discovers an ancient book with power for wealth and evil in a Brazilian forest.


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Directed by Rodrigo Aragão, one of the great names of contemporary horror cinema in Brazil, 'The Black Forest' is a feature film that draws from the source of José Mojica to build a powerful and visceral atmosphere of horror. In the plot, set in a forest in the Brazilian interior, we follow Clara (Carol Aragão), a young woman who sees her life transformed when she finds the Lost Book of Cipriano and, unknowingly, tries to use the dark magic contained in it to save a young man she has fallen in love with. However, as expected, everything goes wrong and the ritual releases an ancient evil. Scary and with a striking visual, a trademark of Rodrigo, 'The Black Forest' showed that the horror genre is still alive in Brazilian production, with creativity and good stories.



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In this mystical tale of terror, a young woman discovers the Lost Book of Cyprian, an ancient volume with power for both wealth and evil.

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