Black Water: AbyssBlack Water: Abyss
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Black Water: Abyss

Friends explore remote cave system and encounter hungry crocodiles.


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Productions of terror with predators that exist in the real world are always frightening, no matter how unreal they may be. Who isn't afraid of sharks? After all, it's a terrifying animal and the countless movies about it only make the situation worse. In 'Black Water: Abyss' we have a new threat in the waters. As if being hunted by a giant beast wasn't enough, the protagonists of the story also have to deal with nature as they are trapped in a cave that was hit by a tropical storm. With an atmosphere similar to 'Killer Predators', this feature manages to hold you and cause a lot of distress. The crocodile is even quite realistic, which increases the fear of bumping into one out there. In short, this production provides a very satisfactory wild creature terror experience.



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An adventurous couple convinces their friends to explore a remote cave system deep in the forests of Australia. As the caves begin to flood, hungry crocodiles lurk.

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