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Panic Room

A divorced mother and daughter are trapped in their panic room when burglars break in.


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This is the fifth movie by director David Fincher, after “Fight Club”, “The Game” and “Se7en: The Seven Deadly Sins”, all of which were acclaimed. “Panic Room” was created around an increase in popularity of “safe rooms” or “panic rooms” in the United States, and its plot deals with a woman and her diabetic daughter who are confined to one of these rooms in their house when three men break in. It is a very well written and directed thriller, the kind of movie that keeps the tension until the last moment, a suffocating exercise in claustrophobia that also transcends its condition as mundane entertainment, tackling sensitive themes such as childhood diabetes and video surveillance. The cast is phenomenal, including names like Forest Whitaker and Jared Leto, but who take home the applause are the iconic Jodie Foster and a very young Kristen Stewart, in only her second cinematic role at the age of 11.



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Plot summary

Recently divorced Meg Altman and her daughter Sarah have bought a new home in New York. On their tour around the mansion, they come across the panic room. A room so secure, that no one can get in. When three burglars break in, Meg makes a move to the panic room. But all her troubles don't stop there. The criminals know where she is, and what they require the most in the house is in that very room.

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