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Three generations of artists, united by blood and art, torn by wild personalities.


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"Cravos" is a captivating documentary that explores the lives and works of three generations of artists from the Cravo family. The film sheds light on the artistic legacy of Mário Cravo Junior, the grandfather who was a pioneer of Brazilian modern sculpture, and his son, Mário Cravo Neto, a world-renowned photographer. The grandson, Christian Cravo, also a photographer, is the third generation of artists in the family. The documentary showcases their works and how their art was influenced by their personalities and the environment around them. The film is a beautiful tribute to the family's artistic heritage and how it has evolved over time. Director Marco Del Fiol has done an excellent job of capturing the essence of the Cravo family's artistic journey, and the cinematography is stunning. The film is a must-watch for art lovers and those interested in the history of Brazilian art. Overall, "Cravos" is a well-crafted documentary that celebrates the artistic legacy of the Cravo family and their contribution to Brazilian art.



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A family. Three generations of artists. Mário Cravo Junior, grandfather and Brazilian modern sculpture icon. Mário Cravo Neto, father and worldwide renown photographer. Christian Cravo, grandson and photographer on the rise. Three men united by blood and by art, torn by the wild nature of their personalities.

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