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Mira Thiel

101 min



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Replace the title 'Rumspringa' with 'Rumspringa: An Amish in Berlin'. Translate the following text into US English: The Amish are a Christian religious group known mainly for their ultra-conservative customs, such as the restricted use of electronic equipment, including phones and cars. They live at a different pace, in a different reality. 'Rumspringa', meanwhile, takes a stroll on the boundaries of an Amish life by telling the story of a young man belonging to the religious group who goes to Berlin to find his roots and explore other ways of life. However, when he is there, he falls in love and has to make a big decision. Outside the box, this Netflix exclusive feature film plays with clichés, stereotypes and preconceptions with a group surrounded by mysticism. Although it is a bit obvious in some decisions, with an ending that can be guessed halfway through the movie, 'Rumspringa' consolidates itself as a good option precisely because it takes the audience beyond the boundaries of the commonplace of romantic comedy cinema, breaking patterns.



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A young Amish man travels to Berlin on a rite of passage to connect with his roots, explore other ways of life, fall in love — and face a big decision.

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