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"Umma" is a movie that recalls the narrative structure of the horror classic "Relic Macabre". It tells the story of Amanda (Sandra Oh), a woman who lives peacefully with her daughter on an American farm. However, things get strange when the remains of her distant mother arrive from Korea. From this point on, Amanda is tormented and haunted by the fear of becoming her own mother. Directed and written by first-time fiction feature filmmaker Iris K. Sim, the movie contains traces of horror, but the main focus here is not the scares. It's actually the traumas that torment Oh's character, who has in her memory unhealed pains from the past - and this, in some way, may alienate or disappoint those looking for a more traditional horror, as we've seen plenty of around. The highlight goes to Sandra Oh (from "Killing Eve" and "Grey's Anatomy"), who knows how to manage a script that wanders between genres.



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Umma, which is the Korean word for “mother,” follows Amanda and her daughter living a quiet life on an American farm, but when the remains of her estranged mother arrive from Korea, Amanda becomes haunted by the fear of turning into her own mother.

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