South Park: The Streaming Wars

Cartman's battle of wills with his mum takes center stage amidst an epic conflict threatening South Park.
Trey Parker
South Park: The Streaming WarsSouth Park: The Streaming Wars


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Third movie of a 14-production agreement between 'South Park' creators and Paramount+, 'South Park: The Streaming Wars' shows that the wild group of friends has no problem speaking some truths - even if it directly affects the platform that broadcasts these productions. Here, as the name itself says, the creators put the friends in the middle of a war that could put 'South Park' itself at risk. Meanwhile, Eric Cartman confronts his mother in a battle of wills. Typical 'South Park' production, which will certainly please fans of the franchise and, going a bit further, find space in those who like humor about contemporary facts, in tirades that bring funny observations about the world around.



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Cartman locks horns with his mum in a battle of wills while an epic conflict unfolds and threatens South Park's very existence.

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