The Children of GodThe Children of God

The Children of God

Two brothers raised in a religious cult confront their traumatic past.

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The cult known as "The International Family" has been considered a destructive sect wrapped in scandals of prostitution, incest and pedophilia which, despite its supposed dissolution in 1978, has persisted under different names. 'Los niños de Dios', an Argentine documentary by Martín Farina, is a feature-length film that, beyond exploring the history and controversies of the sect, offers an empathetic portrait of two of its victims, two brothers who seek to make sense of their past. It is, then, an exploration of memory, trauma and repression through image and sound.



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Francisco and Sol were raised off the grid in a religious community called “The International Family”. In an attempt to liberate their voices and reconfigure the puzzle of subjectivity, the film recovers a past that returns through their memories to expose facts that had been denied.

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