The Time GuardiansThe Time Guardians
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The Time Guardians

A young girl battles an evil witch and races against time to save a magical city.


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"The Time Guardians" is a thrilling adventure movie directed by Alexey Telnov. The film tells the story of a little girl who tries to save her adoptive parents from the forces of evil in otherworldly Petersburg. The movie is set in a fantastical world full of magic and wonder, which adds to the film's charm.The special effects in "The Time Guardians" are impressive, and the cinematography is stunning. The movie features a talented cast, who bring their characters to life with great skill. The lead actress, in particular, delivers a standout performance, capturing the audience's attention from the very beginning.The plot is engaging and full of surprises, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the film. The pacing is well-done, and the story unfolds at a steady pace, never feeling rushed or dragged out.Overall, "The Time Guardians" is a must-watch for anyone who loves adventure movies. The film is a visual feast, with a captivating story and excellent performances. It is a movie that will leave you feeling entertained and satisfied. Highly recommended.



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When young Ksyusha finds herself in the magical and dangerous Dark City, she must overcome an evil witch and rewind the city clock to stop an army from taking over the city.

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