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Two Witches

A pregnant woman believes she's cursed by a witch, while another woman seeks to inherit her great-grandmother's powers.


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Independent horror movie with dark and eerie scenes, but not taking itself too seriously. Jump scares and some gore, combined with the talent of the terrifying Rebekah Kennedy, keep us glued to the screen the entire time. Two Witches had success at the Sitges Festival (one of the most important for the horror genre) and received good reviews from horror fans and specialized critics. It contains references to Italian horror films from the 70s, and was described as a mix between Rosemary's Baby, Hereditary, and Drag Me to Hell.



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A pregnant woman is convinced she has been cursed by a witch. While another woman, with violent impulses, hopes to inherit her great-grandmother's powers. Two generations of witches and the dire consequences for those who cross their path.

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