A journey through the history of Brazilian telenovelas and their impact on people's lives.

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What is the importance of telenovelas in Brazilian culture and even in people's lives around the world? This is the question that 'Brasileiríssima' tries to answer. Directed by André Bushatsky ('No Outro Encontro Você'), the feature film certainly moves fans of telenovelas. After all, despite some directorial errors such as the beginning that follows the conventional timeline format and inexplicable testimonies, such as Tadeu Schmidt's, the feature film mainly succeeds in bringing historical images of Brazilian telenovelas, rummaging through the attic, as well as the single testimonies of ordinary people from Brazil and the world, talking about how telenovelas changed their lives. There are good stories here, especially from the young Portuguese visually impaired. It's hard not to be moved, either by the memories of telenovelas or by the good stories told.



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