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A French forensic expert helps solve a murder case in South Korea and confronts her past.


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"Vanishing" is a French thriller adapted from the book "The Killing Room", the third volume of a police series written by Peter May. The story revolves around a forensic doctor who goes to South Korea to talk about her latest discovery. Soon she is hired by the local police to help with a murder case. The plot deals with human and organ trafficking. A curious fact about this movie is that it features characters from different countries, spoken in Korean, French, English and even Portuguese. Starring Olga Kurylenko ("007: Quantum of Solace") and directed by Denis Decourt ("Tomorrow at Dawn"), the movie delivers a good dose of suspense, which would be even better if the script was better developed.



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Alice Launey, a French forensic expert still haunted by her past, comes to Seoul to present her work. She will meet Jin-Ho, a detective who asks for her help on a murder case. Drawn into network trafficking, she needs to face her fears.

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