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A girl and a black cat go to a land where luck and misfortune are created.


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John Lasseter left Pixar in disgrace. At a time when the Me Too movement was gaining strength, he was accused of sexual harassment, with inappropriate touches and "compliments" out of place. It seemed like the end of an era - and it really was. But he began to take new steps in the animation market with 'Luck', an exclusive movie from Apple TV + and the production company Skydance, Lasseter's new home. And it is impossible not to see the producer's mark on the feature film: the story of an unlucky girl and a black cat who go to a land where luck and misfortune are created brings the essence of Disney in its golden times, including touches of 'Inside Out'. In Brazil, Gregório Duvivier's dubbing helps to give more life to the cat Luck and, despite some clichés in the story and mainly its second act without much vigor, it is nice to travel in the "land of luck" and see creativity running wild with the direction of Peggy Holmes ('Tinker Bell: The Secret of the Fairies') and her world.



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The curtain is pulled back on the millennia-old battle between the organizations of good luck and bad luck that secretly affects everyday lives.

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