Doblemente Embarazada 2Doblemente Embarazada 2
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Doblemente Embarazada 2

Two fathers go on vacation with their girlfriends to find a mother for their daughters.


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When the first part was released in theaters in 2019, nobody believed that a sequel, 'Doblemente Embarazada 2', would come in which we now see the double parents looking for a mother for their daughters. Its doses of absurd comedy, the charisma of its cast and the themes that involve its argumentation, undoubtedly, result in something attractive to the public. This time, Gustavo Egelhaaf and Matías Nova return as the main couple of parents. But, in addition, actresses Michelle Renaud and Carmen Aub join the mix. Between the four, the most absurd entanglements will occur in an enviable paradisiacal beach setting.



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Javier and Felipe are now full-time parents to their daughters. However, the fathers discover the girls are missing something: a mother. To find her, they invite their girlfriends on vacation with a secret plan.

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