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RoyalteenMovie on Netflix

A new girl at an elite school falls for the crown prince, but keeping their love a secret proves difficult.


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A Norwegian teen drama from Netflix that follows a well-known formula: an ordinary person falls in love with a royal and we watch their impossible love unfold. In 'Royalteen', the story takes place at an elite school. There, Lena is the new girl and she starts to fall for the crown prince, Karl "Kalle" Johan, a partygoer who often appears in gossip blogs. From the first second you can deduce what will happen: lots of drama about how hard it is to stay together because of all the responsibilities, secrets, and media scrutiny. There's an interesting narrative about the damage tabloids and social media can cause, but overall it's a very predictable and mild movie. You'll appreciate it if you like romantic stories with an extra pinch of drama. Click here to read the full review.



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A teenager struggles to keep her scandal-ridden past and a big secret from getting out when she strikes up an unlikely romance with the crown prince.

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