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After losing her job and boyfriend, Sofia finds hope in a charming Spanish chef.

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Director Shaun Paul Piccinino is known for his pink and easily accessible films for the public. After directing 'A Toast to Christmas' and the sequel, 'A Toast to Christmas: City Lights', he is now back with another romantic comedy which takes a break from the holiday season to focus on an existential drama. The story is about a woman who feels that age is slowing her down, while realizing that she has not accomplished anything significant in her life. It's a plot that follows the life of a protagonist who, on her 30th birthday, gets fired from her job and betrayed by her boyfriend. Forced to start from scratch, she enrolls in a cooking course, where she meets a handsome Spanish chef who may be the missing ingredient in her life.



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After her job and relationship implode on the same day, Sofia starts from scratch and meets a dashing Spanish chef who might be her missing ingredient.

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