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A documentary about the aftermath of two Boeing 737 Max plane crashes told through the perspective of affected families, legal teams, whistleblowers and a Pulitzer-winning journalist.


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After the tragedy caused by two Boeing 737 plane crashes in 2018 and 2019, the lives of the victims' families and friends, as well as those of the airline's members, were never the same - and this documentary shows why. 'Flight/Risk' is backed by valuable interviews and testimonies, such as those of a former Boeing employee or an American congressman. More than exploring the drama of the tragedy, it is above all a journalistic exercise of narrative rigor based on privileged information. Its intention is to expose the machinations that exist behind a large corporation and the ties it can have even in a place as high as the US Senate.



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The documentary follows everyday people who find themselves in the midst of a global tragedy when two Boeing 737 Max planes crashed only five months apart in 2018 and 2019. This powerful documentary is told through the perspective of affected family members, their legal teams, whistleblowers, and Pulitzer-winning Seattle Times journalist Dominic Gates.

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