A Love SongA Love Song
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A Love Song

Two former lovers reunite in rural Colorado, exploring the transformative power of being alone.


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A small and discreet romantic drama that surprises with the strength of its love story, capable of shaking us and lifting us even when we are already inside. With great performances from veterans Dale Dickey and Wes Studi, the movie takes place in the quietness of the mountains and lakes of Colorado, when two young lovers reunite after having lived their respective romantic lives, until reaching widowhood. Without a doubt, a beautiful meditation on loneliness and love.



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Faye is a lone traveler biding her time in rural Colorado while she awaits the arrival of Lito, an old flame who is on his own nomadic journey. Like the country music that has channeled the heartbreak and resilience of Americans, Writer-Director Max Walker-Silverman weaves a lyrical and ultimately joyful refrain out of the transformative act of being alone.

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