Rosa Rosae. A Spanish Civil War ElegyRosa Rosae. A Spanish Civil War Elegy

Rosa Rosae. A Spanish Civil War Elegy

A child's perspective of the horrors of war through images and drawings.

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Director of films such as 'Cría Cuervos', 'The Hunt' and 'Carmen', Carlos Saura grew up in the years of the Spanish Civil War, an event that naturally marked him forever. Built from photographs and drawings, many of them in charcoal, 'Rosa Rosae. La guerra civil' is a very short documentary (six minutes) that, like films such as 'Flee', makes use of documentary conventions and mixes them with the possibilities of lines and colors (or the lack thereof), to present us with a moving portrait of what it is like to experience war with childish eyes.



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Saura creates and recovers more than thirty images, drawings and photos that he prints, manipulates, plays with and then films, to create a story that recreates the Spanish civil war, but also reflects the horrors of a universal war, from the eyes of a child and its environment.

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