The Serpent and Sister OpheliaThe Serpent and Sister Ophelia
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The Serpent and Sister Ophelia

Ofelia, a young nun performs an exorcism on a pregnant woman, only to discover the evil presence remains.


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The Exorcist is a new entry in Mexican horror cinema, which is the country that consumes the most of this genre in the world. This is the story of Ofelia (María Evoli), a nun who arrives at a village where she is forced to perform an exorcism on a pregnant woman, after the local priest fails. It's a movie that will make you jump out of your seat with very good photography and performances, though it must be said that it falls into many of the clichés of films about demonic possessions.



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Ofelia, a young nun recently arrived at the town of San Ramon, she is forced to perform an exorcism on a pregnant woman. Just when it looks like the possession has ended, she discovers that the evil presence has not vanished.

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