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A rebellious youngster rises from the streets of São Paulo to become a worldwide muralist and peace activist.


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Eduardo Kobra is one of the biggest names in Brazilian art today, taking his graffiti to all four corners of the world. 'Kobra Self-Portrait', by filmmaker Lina Chamie ('São Silvestre'), celebrates the artist's history and, above all, shows how his strokes are spreading beyond São Paulo. Although it does not have the genius of a film like 'Waste Extraordinary', the feature film knows how to celebrate an artist on the rise and show, above all, how art can be seen in its various facets.



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Sleepless all night, Kobra remembers his life, from the poor childhood in the outskirts of São Paulo to the international recognition of his work. The events unfold between reality and dream. In an intimate journey, we get to know a rebellious, self-taught youngster doing graffiti illegally on the streets of São Paulo’s suburbs, up to worldwide fame as a muralist and peace activist.

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