Racionais MC's: From the Streets of Sao PauloRacionais MC's: From the Streets of Sao Paulo
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Racionais MC's: From the Streets of Sao PauloMovie on Netflix

The rise of Brazilian hip-hop legends Racionais MC's and their powerful message


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The Racionais MC's are intertwined with the history of Brazilian music. After all, the group formed by Mano Brown, Ice Blue, Edi Rock and KL Jay brought rap to Brazil and showed how people from the peripheries could also have music and poetry to talk about their pains, afflictions, desires and the like. 'Racionais: From the Streets of São Paulo to the World', thus follows the biographical documentary script and talks about details of this group's journey, with interviews with the main members and people who actively participated in the history of Racionais. A movie to celebrate, sing and be moved.



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Armed with music and a message, influential hip-hop group Racionais MC's turned their street poetry into a powerful movement in Brazil and beyond

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