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Pamela: A Love StoryMovie on Netflix

A never-before-seen glimpse into the life of pop culture icon Pamela Anderson


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Much thanks to 'S.O.S. Malibu', for better or worse, Pamela Anderson is one of the pop culture icons that has marked an entire generation. But it is also a woman whose narrative of her life has been dictated by the victimization of a patriarchal and exploitative system, which crowned her as a "sex symbol", violated her privacy and turned her into a source of many jokes. In 'Pamela: A Love Story', director Ryan White ('Goodnight Oppy') sets aside all of this and points his camera to what really matters: Pamela Anderson herself. This Netflix documentary allows the actress to tell her story in her own words, and even though it is a bit conventional, it distances Anderson from any crude or exaggerated sexualization. Check out our review of the film here.



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Follows the life of pop culture icon Pamela Anderson, including never-before-seen archival footage and personal journals.

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