¡Que viva México!¡Que viva México!
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¡Que viva México!

A man's inheritance causes chaos with his poor family in his hometown.


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Director Luis Estrada (Herod's Law, Hell, The Perfect Dictatorship) is already well known for his social and political satires, and ¡Que viva México! joins his filmography in the same vein, telling the story of a middle-class man (Alfonso Herrera), who travels with his wife (Ana de la Reguera) and children to his hometown of La Prosperidad, where his poor family awaits to learn about the inheritance his grandfather left him. The plot here superficially and somewhat problematically addresses class conflicts, prejudices, and resentments without proposing reflections and perpetuating many stereotypes. With an overly long duration, it may be worth more for Luis Estrada's most fervent followers.



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After his grandfather's death, a man travels with his wife and kids to his hometown, where chaos ensues with his relatives over the inheritance.

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