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Mad Money

Three women team up to steal money about to be destroyed, but face unexpected challenges.


Why watch this film?

Watching Mad Money is a great option for those looking for a light and uncomplicated comedy. The talented Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes form an unusual yet cohesive and humorous trio. It's hard not to laugh with the three in this heist movie, from planning the robbery to the execution and attempt to spend the money. Not an easy task, which generates funny, exciting scenes with some surprises.



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Plot summary

Bridget Cardigan (Diane Keaton) is a housewife who must deal with financial hardship after her husband is laid off. To solve the problem, she decides to team up with Nina (Queen Latifah) and Jackie (Katie Holmes) to steal money that's about to be destroyed, but soon realize the task won't be as easy as they thought.

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