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A reluctant coach is assigned to lead a team of intellectually disabled players, but discovers their potential.


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Remake of the Spanish comedy Nosotros Somos los Campeones and with practically identical filming, whose existence is justified, in short, by the American public's neglect for anything with subtitles. Champions is the story of a former basketball coach (Woody Harrelson, Zombieland) who is sentenced to community service as a coach for a team with intellectual disabilities. Predictably, he eventually discovers that his purpose may be in this unusual team. This remake does not contribute or add to the original, so it may not be for you if you have already seen the Spanish version. If not, and you like these touching and even sentimental stories, Woody Harrelson injects just the right dose of humor to make you have a lot of fun.



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A former minor-league basketball coach is ordered by the court to manage a team of players with intellectual disabilities. He soon realizes that despite his doubts, together, this team can go further than they ever imagined.

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