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Dead Bride

A woman inherits a mysterious house from her biological father and uncovers dark secrets while her husband is away.


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Italian supernatural horror movie that tackles issues such as abandonment and complicated family legacies. The story is about a young couple, where the wife, who was adopted as a child, inherits a mysterious house from her biological father. Sinister Conjuring (Dead Bride) is one of those movies that attempts to blur the line between the supernatural and madness. It doesn't do it with much skill or credibility, but if you like these themes you could give it a chance.



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A young couple, Alyson and Richard, have just moved into a house that was left to Alyson in her biological father's will. He had given her up for adoption when she was around 9 years old, following her mother's descent into insanity and his subsequent inability to cope with raising a child. Alyson and Richard have a new baby but are having a few financial and marital issues. When Richard leaves on a work trip Alyson starts exploring the house and uncovers some very dark secrets hiding in her family's past.

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