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Super Typhoon

A bus driver races to save his passengers during a super typhoon on the Chinese coast.


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"Super Typhoon" directed by Dong Wei is a disaster movie that revolves around a super typhoon cast by the goddess Guanyin to punish humans with monsters. The movie follows the story of people trying to escape and fight the monsters in the midst of the catastrophic event. The film's visual effects are impressive, especially in depicting the monstrous creatures spawned by the typhoon. The sound design also adds to the movie's intensity, making the audience feel the full force of the storm and the terror that comes with it.However, the movie's plot is somewhat predictable, and the characters lack depth, making it difficult for the audience to connect with them emotionally. The movie also lacks a clear message or theme, leaving the audience with just an action-packed disaster movie experience. Overall, "Super Typhoon" is a decent disaster movie that delivers on its promise of thrilling action and impressive visual effects. It may not be a groundbreaking film, but it is worth watching for its intense action scenes and impressive special effects.



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A super typhoon hits the Chinese coast and humanity must survive. A bus driver will do everything in his power to save his passengers.

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