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A woman investigates her brother's mysterious death at a Scottish convent, uncovering murder and a shocking truth about her past.


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‘Consecration' is a horror movie that, similar to offerings like 'Saint Maud' and 'The Dark and the Wicked,' relies more on abstract ideas and a psychologically dense atmosphere. The film is led by Jena Malone (The Neon Demon), in the role of a woman investigating the mysterious death of her brother, a priest, in a convent. It's a more reflective production that leans less on sudden jumpscares. If you prefer your horror movies a bit more cerebral and atmospheric, ‘Consecration' will undoubtedly be for you.



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Plot summary

After her brother dies under mysterious circumstances, Grace travels to the Mount Saviour Convent in Scotland to find out what really happened. Once there, she uncovers murder, sacrilege, and a shocking truth about her own past.

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