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A precocious teen and a fellow passenger are stranded in the dinosaur era after being catapulted into the past by a mysterious spacecraft. They must fix their ship and return to present day before a deadly asteroid hits Earth.


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Two children discover a ship that turns out to be a time machine and accidentally travel back to the era of dinosaurs. Now they must repair the ship in a race against the clock before the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs hits the Earth. That is the simple premise of Timescape (formerly known as De Volta aos Dinossauros), an adventure movie for kids (think 65 with Adam Driver, but for kids). The movie has everything a dinosaur-loving child could dream of and is exactly its target audience. It's pure family entertainment with no major aspirations.



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Plot summary

Precocious teen Jason is lost in the woods when he discovers a mysterious spacecraft that catapults him and fellow passenger Lana 65 million years into the past, stranding them in the dinosaur era. When they discover a deadly asteroid is barreling towards Earth, the unlikely pair must work together with a sassy A.I. robot to fix their ship and return to present day before it’s too late.

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