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River Wild

A pair of distrustful siblings face danger from a childhood friend on a white-water rafting trip.


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With a script based on the 1994 movie, The River Wild, written by Denis O'Neill, the feature film River Wild gathers an interesting cast (Adam Brody, Courtney Chen, Eve Connolly) to tell the story of two siblings who love each other but mistrust one another as they embark on a rafting trip with a small group. Directed here by the young American filmmaker Ben Ketai (Beneath), the 2023 feature film seeks some experimentation that didn't exist in the 1994 one, bringing a bit of daring and freshness to a plot with almost 30 years. That only leaves the question that always arises when it comes to remakes, reboots and sequels: did it really need a new movie?



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Follows a pair of siblings who love but distrust each other as they embark on a white-water rafting trip with a small group. One of their friends from childhood turns out to be more dangerous than he appears.

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