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The Nun II

Sister Irene confronts the demonic force Valak, four years after the events at the Abbey of St. Carta.


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It can be said, with some certainty, that The Nun is the weakest film in the Conjuring universe, closely competing with The Curse of La Llorona. In fact, the failure of these two sagas, spin-offs from the Ed and Lorraine Warren storyline, ultimately buried several other productions that were supposed to continue in this horror universe. Therefore, it's not surprising that The Nun II follows the same path as the previous film. Directed now by Michael Chaves (of The Conjuring 3 and The Curse of La Llorona), the feature film once again follows Irene, the young nun played by Taissa Farmiga, who faced Valak in the previous film and now, as if by fate, encounters the demon in the form of a nun once more. While The Nun had a more gothic tone, this new production delves into bloody terror that never tires of exploring different settings; at some point, it seems that Valak is an all-knowing and omnipresent being. It gets tiring. It might be a good option for those who enjoy going to the movies to watch generic horror films and have a good laugh with friends. But, beyond that, it's the lowest chapter in the franchise.



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1956 – France. A priest is murdered. An evil is spreading. The sequel to the worldwide smash hit The Nun follows Sister Irene as she once again comes face to face with the demonic force Valak—The Demon Nun.

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