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A young boy, Peter, is tormented by bullies and must protect a beautiful swan.

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Part of a quadrilogy of short films by Wes Anderson, all inspired by texts from Roald Dahl, The Swan might be the most beautiful and poignant of them all. The story, inspired by a small news item the writer read in the newspaper, follows a young boy who suffers severe bullying from two other boys in the neighborhood. With a whimsical tone and a lot of theatrical inspiration, this short film manages to be emotionally touching despite its 17-minute length – after all, being concise, it gets straight to the point. A good example of how Wes Anderson is more than just aesthetics; he's a refined storyteller who knows how to surprise.



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Plot summary

A young boy, Peter Watson, is harassed and essentially kidnapped by two vicious, heartless, gun-armed bullies. Peter is intelligent and a keen studier of wildlife, especially birds. His torment is heightened when the bullies turn the aim of their gun on a beautiful swan.

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