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All the Silence

Miriam, a sign language teacher, faces a crisis when she starts losing her hearing.


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All the Silence (Todo el silencio), a Mexican drama that won the 2023 Morelia Film Festival's award for Best Actress (Adriana Llabrés), is a film that explores an uncomfortable duality for its protagonist, who is forced to make changes in her life. The plot follows a young woman (Llabrés) who divides her time between being a theater actress and teaching sign language to deaf people—despite not being hearing impaired herself. However, her life takes a turn when she discovers that she will become completely deaf. It's a story reminiscent of the acclaimed Sound of Metal, as its protagonist must learn to understand and relate to the world in entirely new ways.



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Plot summary

Miriam teaches sign language in the mornings and is part of a professional theater production in the afternoons, maintaining a stable and passionate relationship with her girlfriend Lola. Although her life is very much connected to the routine of a deaf person, her world begins to crumble when she discovers that she is losing her hearing.

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