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A young woman discovers unexpected feelings for a mysterious girl in a Brazilian fishing village.


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Heartless is a film that was conceived during the childhood of filmmaker Nara Normande, who directs the feature film alongside Tião. Nara was born in Guaxuma, on the coast of Alagoas, and saw everything take shape there—her family, her friendships, her beliefs, her ideas. After talking about this region in "Guaxuma" and in the short film that gave rise to this feature, she decides to turn to the characters of her memories once and for all by telling the story of Tamara (Maya de Vicq, her niece), a young woman preparing to leave Guaxuma and go to college in the "big city." Among the various dilemmas that arise at this stage of life, the main one is the relationship that develops with Heartless (Eduarda Samara), a mysterious girl from the area. A film that blends extreme realism and fantasy in a kind of fable about what it means to grow up.



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Rio Festival. Before leaving for college, young Tamara enjoys her last summer in the fishing village where she lives in Alagoas. When she meets a girl nicknamed "Heartless", she experiences a growing attraction.

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